Here At GIANT GERMAN SHEPHERD'S RANCH We Breed True, Original, Straight Backed, AKC Registered, Working Line, Giant German Shepherd Dogs!
-XL Sable, XL Black & Tan, XL Black & Red, XL Solid Black, XL Silver, & XL Blue!!!-

SINCE 1940
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What we're about...

Giant German Shepherds

XL German Shepherds

Huge German Shepherd

Large German Shepherd

Old Fashioned German Shepherds

Working Line German Shepherds

Straight Back

Service Dogs

We have bred German Shepherds for well over a combined 100 years, and through our passion for the true/ original German Shepherd characteristics and body structure, our integrity as breeders, and respect for both animal and owner, we hope to produce the highest quality companion, family, guardian, service, or working line dogs that you can find…

Want to know more about the German Shepherds we breed?


We select our LADIES for Temperment, Size, & Beauty, and of course that wonderful matermal instinct.


Nothing but Winners! This intellegent and loyal group of HUGE AND COURAGEOUS STUDS never cease to amaze me... and the puppies that they consitantly produce are top notch!


New Pups On The Block
With their calm, confident demeanor, these protective pups are eager to please and quick to learn! And those are only a hand full of the reasons that the ever-loyal German Shepherd consistently ranks at the top of the most popular dog breeds in America.

What you receive...

We breed for an original, true German Shepherd dog with an impressive size, straight back, and working-line conformation. Our German Shepherds have been adopted for livestock herding, guard or security work, police or military K9 units, search and rescue, guide or service animals, and family companions. Along with your dog, you’ll receive:

A Healthy and Strong Puppy
Certificate of Health

We provide a health record indicating that each of our dogs has received appropriate vaccinations and dewormings as directed from our veterinarian. The health record will include your puppy's vaccination and deworming schedule, the dates in which each dose has been administered and the dates when the next doses are due.

Pedigree Documentation

Your adoption includes an Official Ownership Registration packet from the American Kennel Club with your puppy's AKC Registration number, AKC Pedigree information, and breeding rights, if you have elected this option.

Breeding Excellence...

We're focused on delivering the largest, best-in-breed, working-line, German Shepherd Dogs in the World. Contact us today to find out when our next litter will be available (903)458-2540 or click on the puppies link under "OUR KENNEL".