Breed History

A brief history of the German Shepherd dog, and the characteristics that we aim to preserve.


German Shepherds have been around for a relatively short period of time compared to many dog breeds. They are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and versatility. Though the breed’s form and function vary by region, breeders have endeavored to maintain the original qualities set forth by its founder. These qualities include intelligence, soundness, strength, and working ability.

Like many breeds, the dogs have evolved over time. For instance, today there are distinct differences between show-line and working-line dogs, as well as those bred in Germany or the US. While many believe these changes have been to the detriment of the breed, others are of the opinion that evolution is necessary for a breed to flourish.

In our opinion, there is an application and a home for every dog. Although, we believe the goal of a breeder should be to strive to produce a dog that’s most capable of performing its intended function. Moreover, no matter what the breeder’s goals are, the hunt for perfection in traits should never stand in the way of ensuring a healthy, intelligent, and well-mannered dog.


While there certainly is a lot more than can be stated, Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz (1864-1936) is credited with developing the German Shepherd (or Alsatian, for the British equivalent) breed as we know it today. In the 1890’s, he sought to standardize the varying sheepherding dog characteristics while also incorporating the wolf-like appearance to create a better working dog. Max not only helped develop the breed itself, but also helped establish breed guidelines and together with a breed register. By 1899, von Stephanitz’s breeding program was in full swing and he successfully established the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV), or in English, the German Shepherd Dog Club.

General health

While German Shepherds are generally a healthy breed, like all other dogs, they have unique physical characteristics and are prone to some health conditions. We take significant measures prior to adoption to ensure that each of our dogs has a clean bill of health and to help ensure that owners provide an appropriate habitat, grooming, and sufficient exercise to encourage a long healthy life.

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