About the Puppies
Puppies from Giant German Shepherds are the classic, Large GSD size, with a well balanced, straight backed conformation, and easy going, mild temperaments. They will have good ball and prey drives.  You will find them to be very smart and trainable.
They will have 100%  straight, strong backs, heavy boned legs and structure, and large beautiful heads.
They are handled and loved from the minute they are born. Very well socialized, to make a wonderful , loving family pet, companion, or service animal.


Deposits & Puppy Selection:
When you have selected a litter that you want to reserve a puppy from, call, or text me and introduce yourself. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Then you can pay a $500 deposit, to reserve the preferred sex of puppy on the litter you have chosen.
The Non Refundable Deposit , is applied to the purchase  amount.
Deposits are non-refundable, but may be transferred before your litter is born, or you can put it on hold .


Please understand that when you reserve a puppy from a litter, you must choose from the colors that are born. We do not guarantee a specific color. You can decline the puppy if he isnt your desired color, but you will lose your deposit. Some people do that until they get the exact puppy they want.


Buying and selling on the Internet requires honesty, and complete trust on each side. From years of experience, I have set out rules and procedures that insure a smooth transaction for both parties. We ask that you comply with our procedures, as our goal is to have a happy and healthy puppy in the arms of a loving  and happy satisfied buyer.


NOTE: final payments are due when the puppy is picked up at 8 weeks old, or a minimum of 10 days prior to shipping.
Final payment must be paid in cash  on puppy pick up day.   If  you are shipping, you can send a cashiers check or  Certified Bank Money Order upon approval, but it must be recieved no later than 10 days prior to pick up day. Pay Pal is not accepted for final payments.


Please be prepared to show your drivers license for identification, as your DL  must match  the person who reserved, and is buying and picking the puppy up.
 We will always post the pick up date on the website .It is the buyers responsibility to call or write, to confirm they will be here on the designated pick up day.


Those of you who are shipping puppies, must be completely paid up , shipping fees paid, and a signed contract submitted to me , with copy of Drivers License ( # blacked out) at least 10 days prior to the selection/pick-up date posted.


If you fail to be paid up, and submit a contract  and DL copy to me by the deadline, I cannot ship your puppy, and  you will be expected to pick up the puppy in person.


Appropriate Vaccinations and worming for their age.
Health Guarantee
International Microchip Implanted for lifetime Identification
Complete Health Record
AKC Registration papers (Limited, with no breeding rights) unless you have made arrangements to have breediing rights.


When you pick up your puppy, please bring a crate filled with shredded  white paper, a water container, and non – rawhide chew bones. I will provide a collar and leash. They will travel best by being in a crate. Do not handle and hold them , as that will make them car sick. They  need to lay quietly in the crate. NO FOOD during the trip home, but they need  frequent small drinks of water.
Be sure and fill your water container with our water, that the puppy is used to drinking.
DO NOT feed your puppy on the way home. It will make him very sick.
Bring wipees, paper towels, and plastic bags in case of car sickness or nervous bowels.    🙁


We do offer First Class shipping as a courtesy to our customers:
The cost is $650 to anywhere in the United States and Canada.
Fee includes:  Large Crate, Health Certificate, Shuttle to airport, Airfare , and shipping supplies.
Canada has some extra tarriff fees. Additional fees may apply  for International Flights , or if you request a larger kennel that will house your puppy longer. We can ship 2 puppies together in a larger crate to save on shipping fees.
We ship with the Airlines below, only during times when weather is above 30 and below 80


Delta Airlines Live Animal Shipping
(800) 352-2746


Air Canada /AC Live Shipping
(Embargo Dec-April) Their cargo planes are not acclimated.


United Airlines Pet Safe
Acclimated for year round shipping
1-800-575-3335 or 1-832-235-1541


American Airlines
Reservations Center
Embargo when temps are below 30 or above 80 degrees.